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Tips For Cleaning Your Home – Part 1

Unfortunately household chores are a part of life, and each area of your home will need to be cleaned sporadically, regardless of how organised your home may be.

By integrating some or all of these tips into your weekly routine, you can be certain that these tasks will consume less of your time and become both cheaper and more effective.

This post will be broken up into various sectors of the home, so you can zone in on areas you feel need more attention.


  • Living Area

1. To ensure your surfaces and windows are sparkling clean, incorporate some natural solutions into your cleaning routine. Not only are these items readily available, but you may already have them lying around your home – saving you money in the long run.

2. Vinegar, baking soda and lemons are a great tool to use when cleaning your windows, in addition to newspaper to soak up the residue. Chemical cleaning agents aren’t always necessary. For water spots that you’re finding difficult to budge on the outside of your windows, a couple drops of toilet cleaner designed for rust and lime deposits will work a treat. Grab a wet cloth or rag whilst wearing gloves and wipe the cleaner on. Let it sit for a few minutes to work away at the droplets and then rub lightly and rinse.

3. Struggling to remove dust from lampshades? Try a lint roller. Are pet hairs a pain in your household? Place some old pantyhose over your broom head and handle and it will pick up every hair in it’s path. Once you’re finished, pull the pantyhose off so they’re inside out and throw it in the bin. Who would have though pantyhose could be a multi purpose item?


  • Kitchen

1. Concerned about pesky insects and critters in your pantry? Scatter a handful of bay leaves around it to deter these visitors.

2. If you’re struggling to shake the smell from a food container once it’s washed, leave it outside overnight with the lid off.  Exposure to the air outside and the sunlight are great ways to combat odour.

3. If you want your dishes to be extra clean and sparkling, mix vinegar in with your washing detergent. An extremely simple step that makes a great difference.


  • Bedroom 

1. Borax acts as a deodoriser for shoes with a bad smell. You can soak your sneakers in a bucket of water with a few tablespoons of borax, then hang on the line to dry. Once the process is complete you will have pleasant smelling shoes! This is a great idea for kids sports shoes or even your own that are worn regularly.

2. Do any of your clothes have ink on them? Spray them with hairspray and then wash them as normal. Alternatively you can spray the hairspray directly onto the ink, wait approximately 30 seconds and wipe the ink away with a damp cloth. The alcohol in the hairspray removes the ink, so ensure the hairspray you are using contains this – otherwise, you can use rubbing alcohol if your household hairspray does not work.

3. A great dehumidifying agent and deodorant is green tea. You can wrap well dried, used green tea leaves in a small piece of old stocking or gauze and place it in your shoe closet. You must ensure the leaves are absolutely dry, this can be achieved by placing them in the sun or the microwave for a few seconds.


  • Bathroom

1. Ensure you don’t throw out your old tooth brushes, they come in handy for cleaning difficult to reach places such as down the drain. You can even use them to remove hairs from the bathtub.

2. To remove soap scum, dirt and limescale from the shower, you can use a mixture of dish washing liquid, ammonia and vinegar. Ensure this is not used on marble as vinegar will break down the surface of limestone. You can also keep a heavy duty bathroom soap scum remover in the shower to spray the screen with every few days. This will ensure you don’t need to scrub down your screens thoroughly and they will stay nice and clear.

3. Vinegar is also a great tool to use in your toilet to get ensure it’s sparkling clean. One or two glasses will do the trick.

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