How To Get Your Dining Area Party Perfect

Hosting a dinner party soon? The dining table is where people come together, so make it the spot that celebrates your signature style while providing an array of scrumptious food and drink.

Here’s how to get your dining area party perfect with some quick and easy tweaks:

1. Swap Standard Chairs for a Bench or Ottomans for a quirkier, laid-back touch.

Boost comfort and make the dining area funkier with ottomans instead of chairs. Seen in The Villa Maria Display Home by Ventura Homes.

2. Add some flowers and plants, even if it’s just a small arrangement on the table.

Adding an array of flowers on the dining table will revive the space, as seen here in The Lexington V2 Display Home by Ventura Homes.

3. Refresh the lighting fixtures – go for something with dramatic patterns for a trendy effect.

Some lighting fixtures can create striking, patterned shadows as seen here in The Key Largo Display Home by Ventura Homes.

4. Boost the colour scheme – change up the curtain shades or placemats.

This colour scheme is warm and inviting with the combination of brown and black hues. The curtain shade can be easily refreshed once every while. Seen in The Macquarie Display Home by Ventura Homes.

5. Put up a blackboard – great for organisation (and aids in party games).

An industrial style kitchen with exposed brick and a blackboard seen in The Colonnade Display Home by Ventura Homes.

In addition, you could also have:

  • A table cloth on the dining table (it doesn’t have to be bare).
  • Nearby mixmatched chairs or bean bags around the dining table (to accommodate for more people).
  • Incense Candles.
  • A statement rug under the dining table (in case the floor feels too cold).
  • Fruit Bowl, nuts & lolly jars

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