Interior Design Focus: The Industrial Style

Interior Design Focus: The Industrial Style

The industrial style has become the biggest interior design trend in the world right now, with no signs of waning. Who would have thought that the style of gritty warehouses, factories and downtown loft apartments; is now one of the most in demand decor trends for 5 star restaurants, CBD cafes and multi-million dollar mansions.

Industrial style celebrates sharp lines, stripped-back architecture, exposed raw surfaces and salvaged vintage objects. It is a style that is minimalist and functional in nature, with a focus on showing off humble, functional materials.

You can see how simple this design style can be. Image via Interior Designipedia

Exposed bricks, pipes and light cords are the typical trademarks of industrial design, however some may choose to have more of a polished, sleek look rather than the typical gritty, unfinished look.

A creative way to showcase your books. Via Homed It

Although predominantly masculine, industrial design can be channeled into a modern-city chic look with the right combination of softer materials and luxurious textures to subtle it down and give it a more feminine touch.

The exposed brick wall and light bulbs give this modern kitchen a touch of industrial. Image via Ventura Homes, The Colonnade Display Home.

When creating a space using raw materials (new or used) try mixing them with other design styles to avoid the space feeling too cold. When dealing with materials like forged steel, aluminum pieces, copper, weathered wood and metal stools, for example, try teaming them with padded pieces, cushions and solid upholstery in natural textures for comfort.

This bedroom has an industrial-style wall decal. The bedside table is a nice touch too. Image via Ventura Homes, The Monterosso.

When painting the walls (if you have the option to) consider leaving one feature wall with exposed brick. An even better alternative (especially for those who rent) is using a decal removable sticker. There are huge varieties available on the internet (some that imitate the brick look) and you will always have that option to remove it and replace it with another decal sticker if you ever get bored of it.

Creative storage ideas industrial bathroom via housetohome
Turn your industrial decor into funky storage ideas. Via House To Home

When shopping for industrial furniture, try and get design that involves clever storage solutions too. For example, vintage industrial wooden boxes can be arranged into quirky storage units.

Because...well, we all know why. Industrial Double Toilet Paper Holder - Dark Steel - Plumbing Pipe - 1/2"
Even your standard toilet paper holder can boast the industrial vibe. Via Pinterest

The best thing about the industrial interior design is that you can achieve this look very easily on a budget. Look for old industrial looking objects made from steel, metal or wood; as well as worn down items that have been salvaged or recycled.

And remember – this design is best blended with minimalism, so avoid having too much of anything and everything. Only have what you truly need.


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