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A Dedicated Team of Building and Design Specialists

When you build with Ventura Homes, you get access to the very best in the business. You may only meet a handful of people from our team during your build journey but behind the scenes we have a whole dedicated team of building, design and customer service specialists who are very passionate and committed to building you a quality, liveable home that lasts a lifetime.

Here you can read all about our clever design and building specialists.

Display Design Team - Ventura Homes

Display Design Team

Jason, Sarandy and Yen

These lovely professionals dedicate their time to designing our display homes. At the cutting edge of design, constantly getting inspiration from Europe and always exploring how to take your home to the next level whilst also keeping it affordable, they are passionate about creating homes that reflect the changing needs of our clients.

Jason, Sarandy and Yen all have over 9 year’s experience in drafting and design work and dedicate their time to maximising the space, the block and the sunlight in Ventura’s spec homes. They pay careful attention to creating not only beautiful inspiring spaces but also unique homes that focus on how people really live.

For example, they ensure the design has the right balance of rooms, considers the light and orientation, the type of block and R-code zoning whilst also being inspiring for those looking to build a new home. They promote sustainable design and construction methodology in an affordable manner, so clients get a thoughtfully designed home for great value for money.

Perth’s most experienced design team

Client Drafting Team - Ventura Homes

Client Drafting Team

Allen, Matt, Michael, Scott, Michael, Shannon, John, Mike, Danny, Adam, Fernando and Stuart

Meet WA’s most experienced design team with over 250 years of combined experience. This dedicated team draft and design all our clients’ homes. They specialise in designing homes that are tailored to our client needs, life-style and budget. They also have considerable expertise in making sure your home maximises its block and orientation whilst meeting the local council requirements, which they know inside and out.

Design is everything and you want to make the right choice when it comes to ensuring your house is truly comfortable and enjoyable to live in.

Hedy Legg, Interior Designer - Ventura Homes

Interior Designer

Hedy Legg

As part of the quality service you get from Ventura Homes, you get access to a highly qualified interior designer, Hedy Legg, with over 20 years’ experience.

Hedy will spend time with you in our beautiful new showroom helping you select the right finishing colours and combinations so you have confidence in your choices when you attend your pre-start meeting.

Hedy provides a personalised service, working with you and your style/taste when choosing paint colours, window frames, cupboard Laminex, tiles, bricks and much more!

“I love that every client and every home is different and I get to help all Ventura Home clients bring their new homes to life with colours and selections that are unique to them”

Check out The Showroom

Ebony Haythornthwaite, Interior Designer - Ventura Homes

South West Interior Designer

Ebony Haythornthwaite

Introducing your South West personal Interior Designer, Ebony Haythornthwaite from The Visionary Co. Together you and Ebony will discuss interior & exterior selections, ensuring that your own unique voice and style is captured within the design.

“The process of selecting tiles, flooring and cabinetry can be overwhelming for most people. The colour consultation is offered to make the Pre-Start process easy and enjoyable for every client. It’s so rewarding being able to assist in creating a client’s perfect home.”
Ebony Haythornthwaite
Interior Designer, The Visionary Co.

Ebony Haythornthwaite is a renowned interior designer who joined the Ventura Homes team in 2017. A local Busselton girl, Ebony became known in the design industry for her time on the Channel 9 renovation series The Block in 2015.

Completing The Block gave her the confidence and the opportunity to start her own business. Ebony moved to Melbourne for further design experience, before being lured back to picturesque Busselton to launch her own design company The Visionary Co.

Check out the South West Showroom

Building and Construction Specialists who are Committed to Quality and Excellence

We don’t just excel in design, we also excel in construction and building. The reason we are renowned for quality comes down to our commitment and the value we put on getting your home built right from the start all the way to when we complete maintenance after you have moved in.

Marco, Construction Starts Manager - Ventura Homes

Marco, Construction Starts Manager

A happy home starts with the foundations

Marco leads our Starts Department which is responsible for the preparation and planning of the works required to get the foundations and concrete slabs completed. Marco and his team are committed to ensuring our homes are built to the highest standard and that starts with the slab.

With most other building companies, the building supervisor is responsible for seeing the slab being poured whilst also overseeing the construction of many homes – they are busy and juggling lots of projects. Not at Ventura. The Starts team are dedicated to the foundations work and once this stage is completed and they are happy with the quality they hand the construction over to the supervisor.

Marco has over four decades of experience in the building industry and is very proud to work for Ventura Homes. “I want to see our clients in 10 to 20 years’ time and I will be proud to talk to them about their Ventura home and the quality work we have delivered.”

Allen, Group Drafting Manager

Thoughtful design leads to more energy efficient, sustainable and enjoyable living

Allen Taylor has over thirty years of drafting experience in the building industry. Over this period with his continuous dedication and commitment, he enjoys mentoring managers and staff alike, helping them succeed and develop their skills and expertise. Allen leads a team of 11 draftspeople, made up of 6 technical drafters and 5 designers, and considers his team as the best in Perth. They share in over 250 years’ experience combined.

Allen is heavily involved within the industry, having written a white paper on the R Codes for VHG, has been consulted on R-code reform in recent years, including the new Medium Density Codes. A member of the HIA’s Environment, Planning and Development committee Allen is called upon for advice regarding local planning policies and other issues that affect builders and developers alike.

Allen brings immense technical expertise to Ventura Homes, which ensures you get a home that is designed for living, maximises the yield of a development lot and ensures a smoother journey through the planning and building approvals process with your local council.

Allen, Group Drafting Manager - Ventura Homes
Wayne & Chad, Construction Managers - Ventura Homes

Wayne and Chad, Construction Managers

We live and breathe building

Our dynamic duo, Wayne and Chad, agree they make a dream team when it comes to building quality homes for our clients. They are responsible for ensuring all Ventura homes are built to the highest standard and any hiccups and challenges that may pop up along the way are addressed right away.

They’re emotionally invested in getting the best outcome for clients and with many years’ experience in the construction industry, they understand the highs and lows clients experience when they’re on the building journey.

“Nearly every home we build for clients is unique and this requires special attention – we’re passionate about ensuring our experienced trades produce a top product and our clients are thrilled every step of the way”.

Peter, Subdivision and Development Specialist

Providing insightful, valuable development solutions for investors

Peter is our Developments and Subdivision specialist. Whether you’re looking to build two homes on your lot or a medium density apartment complex, Peter is the right person to help you get the best outcome for your investment.

Peter has nearly thirty years’ experience in the building industry, more than half of which has been in sales and developments. Peter also worked for an Architect for 12 years after receiving a Diploma in Architectural Design.

Having accumulated a significant personal property portfolio of his own, Peter understands what investors are looking for when developing property.

Find out more about Developments by Ventura Homes

Peter, Subdivision and Development Specialist - Ventura Homes
Our Demo and Build Team - Ventura Homes

Our Demo and Build Team

Helping bring your dreams to life in the location you love

At Ventura Homes, we specialise in demolition and build projects. Most of our clients prefer to stay living in the community they have grown to love and have explored renovating their existing property but the cost is prohibitive. Our specialist team offer advice and guidance on demolishing your current home and building new, or can help with sourcing a property where the plan is to demolish and build new. They’ll provide you with the most cost-effective solution. 

‘Many of my clients have obtained a cost to renovate and the value for money just isn’t there. Or, they’re looking to establish themselves in a new suburb closer to the amenities that suit their lifestyle, whether it be employment, education for children or longer term property growth potential. That’s why demolishing and building new is such a great option’, says Ben, Demo and Build Specialist.

Our team of demo and build specialists help you get it right from the start, saving you time and money.

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Our New Home Design Consultants

Approachable New Homes Consultants, non-pushy sales people

Every member of our New Home team is committed to creating you a well-designed and well-priced home. Each year, our team collectively help hundreds of Western Australians build their new Ventura home.

Our Perth and South West New Home teams are dedicated to bringing your dreams to life. They understand the importance of street appeal, design, premium inclusions and quality construction. Most importantly, they treat you with respect and honesty every step of the way. They are not pushy and great listeners. They provide flexible options tailored to you.

Our talented people have played a key role in making Ventura Homes WA’s most awarded builder.

Perth Team

Giuseppe Amato - Ventura Homes

Giuseppe Amato

Spent 12 years living in London and has travelled to over 80 countries already. Besides his lovely wife and kids, Giuseppe’s other big love is Arsenal FC.

Ryan Sumich Ventura Homes

Ryan Sumich

Is really into health & fitness and enjoys helping friends and family with projects.

Ben Nichols - Ventura Homes


Is an avid West Coast Eagles fan and loves watching his kids play footy in the cul-de-sac.

Simon Mort - Ventura Homes

Simon Mort

Loves a morning swim and run at the beach with his dog and camping holidays with family & friends.

Patrick Middleton Ventura Homes

Patrick Middleton

Big friendly giant and jiu-jitsu practitioner.

Kelly Grieg - Ventura Homes

Kelly Grieg

Family time is the most important thing to her and loves travelling in her time off.

Niklas Mittmann - Ventura Homes

Niklas Mittmann

Is a teacher and trainer of Filipino Martial Arts and a proud dad to two Siamese cats, Cintai and Maylee.

Clint Joy - Ventura Homes

Clint Joy

Lived in Vancouver for 10 years and is an amateur magician.

Jamie Lopez - Ventura Homes

Jamie Lopez

Proud father of two who loves American muscle cars, in particular his Mustang.

Chris Daniel - Ventura Homes

Chris Daniel

Is a family man first and a movie buff second.

Mark Wilson - Ventura Homes

Mark Wilson

Fun loving family man who enjoys bbq’s and socialising.

Rob Blundell - Ventura Homes

Rob Blundell

Has a strong passion for the European lifestyle and architecture.

Justin James - Ventura Homes

Justin James

Is a huge music and sports fanatic.

Michael Lazzaro - Ventura Homes

Michael Lazzaro

Loves cooking and is a big fan of a good camping/fishing trip.

South West Team

Brian Gunderson - Ventura Homes South West

Brian Gunderson

Brian is completely addicted to surfing and loves raising his family in amazing Margaret River!

Sunny Michelle Hannan - Ventura Homes South West

Sunny Michelle Hannan

Lover of yoga and meditation (along with family of course!) and gets a buzz from helping others get started.

Sue McCamon - Ventura Homes South West

Sue McCamon

Originally from England, but has been loving the Australian lifestyle for 23 years, particularly the wines our great South West region has to offer!

Homes designed for living

With over 250 years of design experience in-house, our team will create your perfect home.

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